The PIE (Product Information Exchange) Technology Platform™ is a cloud-based platform for manufacturers and distributors of industrial products access to the most comprehensive catalog for the exchange of rich content product information.

Growing relationships and sales between channel partners is key to a company's success. As the industry standard for exchange of rich content data, PIE helps strengthen collaboration and increase e-commerce sales by allowing PT/MC channel partners to communicate descriptive product information efficiently and seamlessly. 

There are currently 27 PIE categories. Belt drives, bushings, iron sheaves, chains, and sprockets are the first power transmissions product categories introduced to the platform. Additional categories currently in development include conveyors/ material handling, motors and shaft couplings. Other power transmission categories planned for development include gearing (open/closed), adjustable/variable speed drives, motor/motion control, and clutches and brakes. Volunteer for a product template workgroup.

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Attribute data and images benefit both our suppliers and our customers. Suppliers like seeing their products online with complete and accurate data as it promotes their saleability and standing as a quality supplier.  Our customers benefit from having the complete picture, especially given the technical intricacies of most of our products.” (Sue McDonald, BDI)