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comprised of companies that distribute and manufacture the components that keep your world running smoothly.

Sample Job Descriptions and Postings for the PT/MC Industry

Save time and effort by using these sample job descriptions and job postings to find the perfect candidate for your company. Download as many as you need and then customize them with your company name and logo. Add in other duties, skills, education etc.

Organized by departments typically found within a power transmission/motion control distribution company, these job descriptions and postings were created by the industry professionals who have volunteered to serve on the PTDA Foundation's PT WORK Force® Recruitment and Retention Tools Committee.   

Job Postings 

Job Descriptions 



Counter Sales Account Manager   
    Branch Manager Branch Manager 
    Vice President, Sales Counter Sales 
      Customer Service Manager
      Customer Service Rep-Inside Sales
      Director, Sales
      Sales Support Representative
      Vice President, Sales


Warehouse Worker Branch Operations Manager    
    Operations Manager Distribution Center Manager
      Vice President Operations     
      Warehouse Driver
      Warehouse Supervisor
      Warehouse Worker


Marketing Coordinator Marketing Coordinator     
    Marketing Manager Marketing Director   
    Marketing Director Marketing Manager/
Senior Marketing Manager
      Product Manager
      Product Specialist


Account Payables Specialist Account Payables Specialist
    Financial Controller Account Receivables Specialist
      Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
      Financial Controller

Human Resources

Benefits Administrator Benefits Administrator
    Human Resources Generalist Corporate Trainer


Human Resources
Human Resources Generalist
      Human Resources Manager/Director
      Payroll Administrator


Buyer Buyer
    Purchasing Director Purchasing Director
      Purchasing Manager
      Purchasing VP


Information Technology Manager Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    Technical Support Analyst Information Technology Manager
      System Administrator
      Technical Support Analyst
If you have questions or would like to see a sample for a position not noted, email foundation@ptda.org with your request.

Articles for Creating Job Postings and Descriptions

Snag the Most Promising Candidates with Creative Job Posts
Lure Talent with the Perfect Job Posting

“I posted a job that received very little response and no qualified candidates. I came across the PT WORK Force article stating that companies need to change their job postings to sell their open positions to potential candidates and realized my job posting only included tasks and requirements. Changing it to include a bigger picture story of “what you will be doing,” the posting has seen a large increase in response rate that also included a higher caliber of candidate.”
Hafeez Hameer, Dichtomatik Americas L.P.

“From reading PT WORK Force articles, I knew that young workers want to know the job requirements as well as how the job contributes to the overall company. I used the PT WORK Force job description template to add more context to each person’s role within the company. Now every employee has a better understanding of how his or her role impacts the success of the company.”
John Masek, Bearing Service Inc.
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