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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

comprised of companies that distribute and manufacture the components that keep your world running smoothly.

The following PT WORK Force-developed products or programs are no longer being promoted or updated, but are still available to members to learn about or download at no charge:

Identify and Nurture Future Talent Guide
Building relationships can help you overcome a growing issue - finding the talent you need to fill open positions. You can't wait until you have an open position. Check out this guide for ideas to help you establish relationships that help you identify and nurture the talent you will need in the future.
Build Your Talent Pipeline through Social Media
To cultivate and hire the best talent for your organization, establish a presence on social media. This resource explains how to get set up on LinkedIn and Twitter, the two most used social media channels for job seekers.
Ten Actions to Build Your Talent Pipeline in the Next 30 Days
A talent pipeline provides a network of potential new hires so you’re ahead of the game when you are in recruitment mode. This Transmissions article outlines steps to take now to be more successful
Cultivate Soft Skills to Build Loyalty with Your Customers
Employees who demonstrate the right soft skills help drive customer loyalty. Soft skills are not related to knowledge or education and are more difficult to assess in during the interview process. This resource that breaks soft skills into five areas (communication, critical-thinking, leadership, teamwork and work ethic) to learn more about these skills for PT/MC employers.)
Industry Employment Report: Shifting the PT/MC Workforce
Traditional approaches to employee hiring, recruitment and retention will not effectively move the PT/MC industry forward. Data from a workforce trends study, commissioned by the PTDA Foundation, explores the state of the PT/MC workforce and identifies the employment-related challenges faced by industry organizations.

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