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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 300 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $20 billion in product sales.

Training Tools

The Instructor Tool Kit adds a visual element to your training program with Power Point slides to accompany 14 chapters from the Power Transmission Handbook®. Also included is an exam bank to help you assess your students/employees’ comprehension of the information presented in the Power Transmission Handbook.

The Instructor Tool Kit includes:
  • Power Point Slides for 14 Chapters in the Power Transmission Handbook
Power Point slides highlight the main points of each of the 14 original chapters. Instructors may add slides to the presentation file to customize the delivery. Power Point slides are reproducible for educational purposes in an instructor’s course only.
  • Electronic Exam Questions Bank (not sold separately)
The electronic exam question bank includes all questions in the Workbook and additional questions created by PTDA member volunteers. The questions evaluate students’ overall understanding of the material presented in the Power Transmission Handbook. Instructors may modify the questions as they wish. The questions may be reproduced for educational purposes in the instructor’s course only.
  • Power Transmission Handbook
Enhance your curriculum with the Power Transmission Handbook. The definitive textbook for power transmission/motion control fundamentals, the Handbook is the most comprehensive learning tool available. Complete with charts, diagrams, drawings and photos, the Handbook provides an unmatched learning experience for students.
  • Power Transmission Workbook
Test the training your students receive from the Power Transmission Handbook. The Power Transmission Workbook validates your students’ knowledge of each of the 17 chapters of the Handbook. Multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions cover the most critical aspects of each product or technology. The Workbook may be purchased by the students and used as a self-check of their knowledge and understanding of a chapter’s material, as a study guide, as an in-class test or quiz or as the final exam for each chapter.
  • Power Transmission Workbook: Answer Guide
The Answer Guide includes answers to the questions in the Power Transmission Workbook.

The PowerPoint Slides may also be purchased for individual chapters or as a complete set. (The electronic exam questions bank is also included in the complete set of all 14 chapters’ PowerPoint slides for members only.)

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Adjustable-Speed Drives Couplings and U-Joints
Bearings Fundamentals
Belt Drives Gears
Chain Drives Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Clutches and Brakes Linear Motion
Controls and Sensors Motors
Conveyors and Components PT Accessories

Instructor Tool Kit
Complete Set of PowerPoint Slides
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