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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

the leading association for the power transmission/motion control industrial distribution channel, bringing together distributors and manufacturers.

Survey Participation

1Q17 Survey Opens March 31 - April 21! Report available to participants May 5

Sales History & Outlook Report (SHOR) + PTDA Business Index

These reports provide industry-specific market trend information to validate or modify your business forecasts and sales efforts. Each report offers targeted management objectives to help you reduce risk and drive practical and profitable business decisions in any economic environment. 

Participation in PTDA surveys is easy and rewarding. Your participation means you will gain the results of the survey at no cost, whereas non-participants will need to purchase the results. Survey results arm you with information that enables you to make valid decisions regarding the future of your PT/MC business.

Check out a 30 minute tutorial with ITR Economist Connor Lokar as he walks through the SHOR + PTDA Business Index survey and then reviews each report, explaining how to interpret each report's graphics and trend analysis so you understand how to utilize these reports to modify your forecasts and business plans. 

How to Participate

Each quarter, ITR Economics will send an email with a URL link to the combined SHOR + PTDA Business Index survey to the main (or key) contact of your company or to the person that has been previously designated as your contact point for the survey. The email will include your company’s assigned username and password to access the survey and respective reports.

For questions about who is receiving the PTDA SHOR + PTDA Business Index survey at your company, email ptda@ptda.org .

What You Provide to Answer SHOR Survey Questions:

Both distributors and manufacturers provide your company’s total global PT/MC sales for the current quarter and historical total sales for the same quarter in the prior year. Additionally, only manufacturers provide total sales for six specific product categories. Categories include:

  • bearings
  • motors
  • controls
  • gearing
  • conveyors/conveyor material handling equipment
  • hydraulics/pneumatics

(Note for Manufacturers: if your product line does not fall into one of the categories above, then just enter your Total Sales information.)

What You Provide to Answer PTDA Business Index Questions:

Simply provide your indication of change on the key indicators listed regarding your business in the recent quarter versus the previous quarter of the same year. No other data is needed. Key indicators include:

  • Business activity
  • New orders
  • Employment
  • Deliveries
  • Prices
  • Inventory
  • Backlog
  • End-user markets

2017 Survey Schedule

1Q17 Survey: opens March 31; closes April 21, 2017
    Reports available May 5, 2017

2Q17 Survey: opens July 10; closes July 31, 2017
    Reports available August 14, 2017

3Q17 Survey: opens October 6; closes October 27, 2017
    Reports available November 10, 2017

4Q17 Survey: opens December 29, 2017; closes January 19, 2018
    Reports available February 2, 2018

ITR Economics will send a follow up email to your company’s contact once the report is available.