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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

comprised of companies that distribute and manufacture the components that keep your world running smoothly.

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End-User Market Briefing Reports [EMBR]

PTDA has partnered with First Research, a leading provider of market analysis tools to help sales and marketing teams perform faster and smarter, open doors and close more deals. This industry intelligence will help you discover opportunities present in end-user industry verticals.


Download the latest End-User Market Briefing Report: "Glass & Glass Product Manufacturing"

Each End-User Market Briefing Report contains the following:

  • Industry overview
  • Business trends
  • Industry indicators
  • Executive insight
  • Companies
  • Business challenges
  • Quarterly industry update
  • Call prep questions
  • Industry forecast
  • Websites and acronyms
  • Industry growth rating
  • Industry opportunities
  • Critical issues
  • Financial information
  • Industry drivers
  • Executive conversation starters

Any employee of a PTDA member company is invited to download the End-User Market Briefing Reports with their own PTDA member login for the following industries:


Standard Industry Reports:

Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing10.22.18
Bakery Product Manufacturing 10.29.18
     Read more about this industry in Transmissions
Breweries  10.1.18
     Read more about this industry in Transmissions
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing (focus on U.S.) 8.20.18
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing (focus on Canada) 8.18
Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing  8.27.18

     Read more about this industry in Transmissions
Steel Production  10.15.18


Supplemental Industry Reports:


Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing 8.20.18
Aircraft Engine & Parts Manufacturing 10.15.18
Asphalt Products Manufacturing 8.6.18
Automobile Parts Manufacturing  10.22.18
Biotechnology Product Manufacturing 9.10.18
Cement Concrete Product Manufacturing 9.10.18
     Read more about this industry in Transmissions
Chemical Manufacturing Industry 10.1.18
Construction Machinery Manufacturing Industry 8.6.18
     Read more about this industry in Transmissions

Electric Power Generation 10.29.18
Electrical Products Manufacturing 10.22.18
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing 8.6.18
Food Manufacturing 10.15.18
Medical Equipment & Supplies Manufacturing9.17.18
Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing 8.6.18
Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing 8.13.18

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production 10.8.18
Paper & Paper Products Manufacturing 9.10.18
Petroleum Refining 8.6.18
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 1.22.18
Poultry Product Manufacturing  8.13.18
Primary Metals Manufacturing  10.1.18
Printing Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Industry  9.10.18
Pump & Compressor Manufacturing  9.3.18
Solar Power Generation10.8.18
    Read more about this industry in Transmissions
Waste Management Services 10.1.18
Wind Power Generation 8.13.18
     Read more about this industry in Transmissions
Wood Product Manufacturing 10.8.18

This PTDA Member Advantage resource is intended to supplement the quantitative information found in PTDA’s Market Forecast Report with qualitative information on specific industries. A broad overview of the PT/MC products in use in end-user industries can be found in PTDA's Industry Sales Guides.

PTDA is offering the End-User Market Briefing Report at no charge as one of your valuable PTDA Member Advantages. New and updated reports will be released throughout the year.

Transmissions® is a registered trademark of the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA).