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Webinar: Retool & Retrain: Enable Sales Teams with Data Analytics

September 24, 2021
1:00-2:00 p.m. Central

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About This Webinar

As distributors respond to COVID-19, they notice the limitations of traditional recessionary responses such as cost reduction and working capital preservation. This recessionary response is necessary but not sufficient. Why? The public health crisis ushered technology into many facets of the business, especially on sales. The customers have more options online than ever, while sales teams have limited access to customers. The effective transition of sales teams is going to be the deciding factor for revenue recovery. How do we enable sales teams to retain and grow customers in this unique environment? Based on cross-industry research, to help them adapt to the next normal, we identified creative ways to augment four critical decisions that sales teams make every day.

What will attendees learn?
  • Three forces of change shaping the next normal in the Sales function
  • Four critical decisions that sales teams make every day
  • How to improve customer retention and acquisition with customer-specific playbooks
  • How to retool and retrain sales teams by leveraging analytics to focus selling effort

About the Presenter

Senthil Gunasekaran, co-founder and managing director at ActVantage, is passionate about driving profitable growth through analytics. Being an engineer at heart, he brings a quantitative approach to business challenges, leading to unbiased solutions that optimize shareholder value. Having deployed best practices across hundreds of distributors over the past two decades, he believes in the critical role of people in making or breaking analytics; hence practices capability-driven approach that integrates people-process-technology-performance capitals. He wears multiple hats as business advisor, author, speaker, researcher and adjunct professor. His real-world solutions and frameworks, shared with thousands through his six best-selling books at NAW, have been praised for being practical, relevant and highly actionable — the kind of guidance you can use Monday morning.