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Webinar: Making E-Commerce Fit Your Industrial Distribution Business

March 11, 2022
1:00–2:00 pm Central 

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In this session, Austin Lowry, CEO of e-commerce consultant firm TraceCX, will discuss what manufacturers and distributors in the industrial distribution space need to know about e-commerce no matter what stage of the journey they are on.  From industry trends to strategies around product data, participants will take away a better understanding of where they are in their e-commerce journey, how they can best support their partners, and how to get buy-in from insiders and outsiders in your e-commerce project.

This session will address the following topics: 

Why E-Commerce?  

  • Competition 
  • Commodity Transactions 
  • Beyond Sales: Self-Service  
  • What e-commerce is and is not 

Considerations for Success  

  • Importance of Data 
  • Staffing for e-commerce 
  • Investment  

Technology Selection 

  • Before you Engage Vendors 
  • Technology Selection Tips 


  • Scoping MVP 
  • Your Role in Implementation 
  • Alpha / Beta / Public Launch 

What's Next?  

  • SEO 
  • New Features 
  • Working with Customers 

About the Presenter 
Austin Lowry has been a leader in e-commerce for 15+ years, beginning his career as a practitioner with AutoZone followed by Servicemaster. He then joined Oracle as a solution consultant where he led the Oracle Commerce B2B Innovation Team and helped B2B manufacturers and distributors define innovative solutions for their business. After Oracle, Austin was the lead for e-commerce practices for the global systems integrators Mastek and Pierce Washington. He now runs his B2B consulting company, TraceCX as CEO, and retail implementation partner, ChangeCX as Chief Strategy Officer.  

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