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Webinar: 6 Steps to E-Commerce Success in Industrial Distribution

April 11, 2022
10:30–11:30 am CT

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In this session, hear from Brendan Cameron, strategic accounts director, and Jordi Crooks, senior e-commerce strategist at Americaneagle.com on the six guiding steps that distributors and manufacturers need to follow to launch a successful B2B e-commerce storefront.  From setting up workflows for new credit applications, to completing quote to order conversions online, this session will help you understand important considerations and planning guideposts to help project readiness and enable you to strategically think ahead and prep.  

This industry contains some of the most complex components and products available online.  From motor controllers, industrial controls, and power transmission components–each with specific fitments and specifications unique to each application. Knowing how to best design your website and build your product data is key to a good user experience and enabling your customers to shop and thrive online.   

This session will review everything from documenting business processes to maintaining your site post-launch. You will also learn strategies and which key documents you’ll need as you prepare to embark on your digital journey. Register to attend and you’ll leave the webinar with the knowledge to get started on building or reimagining your digital business. As an added bonus, attendees will receive a checklist that will provide them with key steps and a subset of action of items that will help you accomplish e-commerce success. 

The presentation will cover the 6 guiding steps/process to e-commerce success: 

Step #1 - Discover 

  • Gathering requirements 
  • Confirming systems 
  • Determining workflows  

Step #2 - Define  

  • Appoint accountability 
  • Establish requirements and workflows 
  • Finalize strategy: GSOT, SWOT, audience/personas, user requirements  

Step #3 - Design 

  • Creative graphics 
  • Define style sheet 
  • User experience review 

Step #4 - Develop 

  • Create backlog 
  • Decide MVP  
  • Solidify timeline 

Step #5 - Deploy 

  • UAT 
  • Soft launch/beta 
  • Stress testing and optimization 

Step #6 - Dedicate 

  • Feature roadmap 
  • Assign resources to site maintenance  
  • SEO and Digital Marketing  

About the Presenters

Brendan Cameron is a strategic accounts director with Americaneagle.com currently working on numerous sites in the B2B and B2C marketplaces. He has experience with clients both large and small, and also managing highly-customized e-commerce solutions.  


Jordi Crooks has served as the senior digital e-commerce strategist for Americaneagle.com since 2012. She has over thirteen years of experience working in the technology sector with a background in project management, project planning, web strategy, user experience planning and analysis, documentation, and consultation. 

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