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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

comprised of companies that distribute and manufacture the components that keep your world running smoothly.

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Rich Attribute Data White Paper & Guideline 

Customers rely increasingly on robust content to make a buying decision. Without the benefit of direct interaction with a service center/branch associate, online content must be easy to find, tell the full story of a product, anticipate the questions of the customer, and ultimately convince the customer to make a purchase.

Executives are committing financial investment and talent resources to develop data content strategies that capitalize on growth opportunities with their distributor and end-user customers. Millions of dollars of revenue and profit are at stake. At the core of one of these data content strategies is rich attribute data content. Rich attribute data is a fact of life in today's business world and will only become more important going forward. Future market leaders are adapting to the changing digital customer and information search environment today.

The information presented in PTDA's  "Millions at Stake--Do You Have a Strategy Around Rich Attribute Data?" white paper highlights and describes the existing challenges and opportunities for solutions around rich attribute data. Implementing a data content strategy around rich attribute data is critical and necessary to every PTDA member company. Do you want your millions at stake? 

Download "Millions at Stake--Do You Have a Strategy Around Rich Attribute Data?" white paper.   

"Digital Asset Best Practices Guideline"

Developed by the Research & Innovation Committee, PTDA’s “Digital Asset Best Practices Guideline” serves as a reference as members work with the many forms of rich attribute data.  Whether upgrading website content, developing video to promote your solutions or enhancing your electronic catalogs, making good data choices about format and specifications is critical. This set of guidelines serves as a practical tool to assist you in engaging customers, suppliers and stakeholders in an efficient manner.

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