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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 370 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $16 billion in product sales.

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Strategic Business Management

From strategic planning to operational efficiences, from listening to your customers to listening to your employees, successfully managing a power transmission/motion control business requires insight, knowledge and leadership. PTDA connects you to research, resources and information to excel.

Listen to the Voice of the End Customer

Your number one priority is ensuring you are the best at meeting your customers' needs. And the first step is understanding what those needs are. PTDA commissioned ground-breaking research into the voice of the PT/MC customer. 


How Technology Will Transform Wholesale Distribution

Traditionally, one of the most important benefits distributors have offered customers is quick access to a wide assortment of products. How times have changed. Today, many customers start product searches online. Customers have the ability to find the product somewhere other than from a distributor. Two factors have driven this change:

  • With few exceptions, many brands and products that distributors carry are now stocked by online marketplaces.
  • Most distributors are not as skilled as they need to be with e-commerce and SEO, so customers who are searching online for products will find them elsewhere instead.

What else is transforming the wholesale distribution landscape? Discover how technology trends are transforming the landscape of wholesale distribution with this series of seven research reports and webinars from the NAW Institute of Distribution Excellence.

  • The Coming Storm of Converging Technologies
  • Distributors' Views on Technology Disruption and How to Respond
    • Register for the August 18 webinar
    • Report available for download in August
  • How Distributor Customers Will Use Technologies from Their Suppliers and Who Is Winning
    • Register for the September 24 webinar
    • Report available for download in September
  • Distributor Suppliers Speak Out on Disruption, New Channels and Who Will Win
    • Register for the October 20 webinar
    • Report available for download in October
  • New Technology Frontiers for Distributors: Sizing Up Marketplaces and Becoming Digital Companies
    • Register for the November 17 webinar
    • Report available for download in November
  • Value-Added Services as a Survival Strategy: Real Value Isn't Free
    • Register for the December 15 webinar
    • Report available for download in December
  • Managing Strategic Change During Disruption: Get Leaner, Smarter, Faster and Stronger
    • Register for the January 21 webinar
    • Report available for download in January