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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 370 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $16 billion in product sales.

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PTDA Voice of the End Customer Research Report 

Register for the June 25 PTDA members-only webinar: “What End Customers Want” and get access to the full report on June 11.

PT/MC End Customers Have Spoken

And PTDA knows what they want from their distributors. And soon you will know too. The PTDA Voice of the End Customer report is coming.

About the PTDA Voice of the End Customer Research

One of PTDA’s strategic goals is for PTDA distributors to be an end customer’s channel of choice. In support of this goal, PTDA commissioned groundbreaking research to survey end customers in the power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) sector to help PTDA distributor members better understand what their customers value and need.

What the PTDA Voice of the End Customer Research Uncovered

PTDA asked end customers about their preferences in areas such as inventory management, sales processes and customer service programs as well as the type of product and system knowledge they need from their distributors. PTDA distributor and manufacturer companies can now definitively know, from their end customers, the answers to questions such as:

  • What types of inventory management service programs do my end customers require?
  • If I want to increase sales to end customers, what types of sales and customer service processes should I put in place at my company?
  • What does my end customer expect me to know about the systems and products that I sell to them?

Secondarily, there is a seismic shift occurring in the way end customers shop for and purchase industrial products. Due to the technical nature of the components in the PT/MC sector, does this change affecting other industrial distribution sectors also apply to the PT/MC sector? Where are PT/MC end customers researching the products they need? End customers are getting younger. How do younger end customers manage their responsibilities at work and interact with PT/MC distributors differently than their predecessors?  

Learn How to Apply This Research to Your Company

The answers to these and many more questions will be found in PTDA Voice of the End Customer and will be provided by the researchers on the June 25 webinar.

Join researchers Dean Mueller and Dr. Jonathan Bein of Real Results Marketing as they reveal the findings in PTDA's groundbreaking PTDA Voice of the Customer report. You will learn what end customers value most from their PT/MC distributors and how your customers shop for and purchase the industrial products you sell.

 Register now. Registrants for this webinar will be among the first to receive the report.