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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 370 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $16 billion in product sales.

Customized Solutions Selling Tool Kit

The value your company brings to the table is much more than offering a competitive price--but how can you show your customers the true impact of your services?
PTDA’s Customized Solutions Selling Tool Kit helps you identify the services that matter most to your customers, quantify the overall savings your services create and present those figures to the customer. The Customized Solutions Selling Tool Kit is a powerful weapon in your sales training arsenal and combines solutions selling with a CD containing worksheets, templates and the PTDA Value Calculators (see below for more information). 
Follow the three steps presented in the Customized Solutions Selling Tool Kit to show your customers that you can provide a measurable advantage while minimizing their operating costs and/or maximizing their revenues.
Step One
Gain a more robust understanding of how you can affect your customers' total cost of ownership of PT/MC products. Identify the value you can add using the matrix of opportunities included.
Step Two
Discover what your customers value. Collect and measure customer feedback to get honest opinions of the services you provide, how your services are working, what’s on target and what might be missing. Sample survey questions guide you in collecting relevant and actionable information.
Step Three
Analyze the customer feedback to develop customized solutions to solve your customers’ issues.  Demonstrate the real dollar-value of the services you provide using industry-specific worksheets and Value Calculators (see more about the Value Calculators below).
Discover more about the Customized Solutions Selling Tool Kit!
Download the table of contents.
Download the Introduction section.
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What Are The PTDA Value Calculators & How Can They Benefit You?
Included in the Customized Solutions Selling Tool Kit, PTDA’s Excel-based Value Calculators are an easy, effective way to convey the real value of reduced downtime and increased efficiency. These handy calculators give your sales team a low-cost, high-value tool for closing the deal by communicating the value you deliver. Calculators compute savings based on pre-programmed, standard formulas and produce professional, customizable reports. Customizable "un-locked" versions of the calculators are now available as separate Excel worksheets you can modify for your needs. To learn more, click here.
Salespeople can collect and enter data on the fly (while at the customer’s facility) or print worksheets to complete at the job site and then input data back at the office. Designed for distributor field salespeople to use alone or with inside sales or administrative staff support, these calculators are appropriate for any company.
The Engineering/Technical Support Value Calculator includes calculations in these areas:
Uptime Application support
Maintenance Component cost
Line speed Assembly/installation time
Scrap rate Troubleshoot/start-up/integration support
Utility cost Part replacement/reverse engineering

The Logistics Support Value Calculators include calculations in these areas:
Freight EDI
Receiving Just-in-time inventory
Shipping error resolution costs Vendor-managed inventory
Purchase order costs Kanban
Invoice processing costs Consignment
Check issuing costs After-hours service
Billing error resolution costs Kitting
Bar coding Tool crib management