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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 370 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $16 billion in product sales.

A Discussion on Processing Debit Memos  

It would seem that the process of issuing debit memos and granting credits to reconcile those memos is straightforward. A distributor issues a debit memo to a manufacturer to seek a credit.  The manufacturer reviews the debit memo and grants a credit on an outstanding invoice. All is good.
A PTDA-commissioned task force discovered that, in practice, the process is much more complex. Distributors may or may not issue debit memos, instead opting to take a credit when making payment on an invoice. Manufacturers may be slow to process the debit memo, leaving the distributor with an unreconciled credit. The findings of the task force are compiled in a white paper that outlines the issues and offers suggestions for improving the process.
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