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comprised of companies that distribute and manufacture the components that keep your world running smoothly.

Guidelines for Managing Back Orders:        
Minimizing the Impact

Just hearing the phrase “back order” causes shivers in even the most experienced and professional of distribution and manufacturing executives.  At the most basic level, a back order usually means a disappointed customer.  Handled poorly, a back order can escalate into a situation in which trust is questioned and business is lost.  Recognizing that relationships between distributors and manufacturers can be improved with a comprehensive process for communicating and resolving back orders, PTDA’s former Industry Relations Committee appointed a task force to uncover the issues surrounding back orders.
While the actual resolution of back order issues rests with the distributor and manufacturer involved, guidelines can assist in minimizing the effect a back order has on business and business relationships.  Their findings have been documented in a report, “Guidelines for Managing Back Orders:  Minimizing the Impact.”
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