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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 300 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $20 billion in product sales.

Employee Engagement Tips

When employees become too comfortable in their job, they are less likely to feel engaged. At the start of a new job, employees are eager to learn and excited about new opportunities that lie ahead. This may cause them to seek out a new position when their current role no longer fulfills them. Rather than losing valuable employees, find ways to provide the learning opportunities and challenges that draw them to new positions within your company.  

Mentoring Checklist

Characteristics of a good mentor
Setting up an informal mentoring program

Employee Engagement Checklist

Studies show that actively engaging employees results in better work performance, retention, team interaction and company loyalty.  All of these combine to give greater customer satisfaction and results.  Every business needs an employee engagement initiative.

One of the most important things to remember is having engaged employees starts with executives and managers.  If YOU do not take the time to proactively engage your employees, your company culture and energy will suffer.  Promote transparency and collaboration.  Leadership starts with you!

There are many different ways to engage employees, view the list of the many possibilities you can use to engage your employees.

Employee Engagement Articles

Tips for Keeping Your Employees
Prevent Employee Turnover
Keep Your Employees with Stay Interviews

“I read the article on stay interview that suggested to increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover, you need to measure engagement on an ongoing basis. I had a few younger, good employees resign so I thought a stay interview might retain my current employees. I instituted the practice to talk regularly with employees, not wait for review time. Employees feel more empowered by these discussions and that makes them more likely to stay.”
Keith Nowak, MPT Drives, Inc.
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