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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

comprised of companies that distribute and manufacture the components that keep your world running smoothly.

Careers in Industrial Distribution: Purchasing

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Vice President of Purchasing

Average Salary: $95,000*

  • Interfaces with other functional department leaders to develop strategies to grow the business while increasing profits.
  • Build relationships with  business leaders from other organizations to exploit opportunities
  • Develop US and International Distributor Agreements and pricing structures.
  • Design programs and measurements of the profit contribution of rebate programs.
  • Coordinate the people and processes aimed at managing enterprise wide inventory at branch locations and distribution centers including P&L responsibility.
  • Negotiate and coordinate domestic and international contracts for ground, air and ocean carrier services.


Director of Purchasing

Salary Range: $100,449 - $136,813**

  • Uses a wide range of experiences to establish and achieve goals.
  • Creates and implements planning and purchasing policies, objectives and budgets.
  • Leads and directs both purchasing and other department staffs in carrying out initiatives.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with suppliers.
  • Interviews, hires and mentors key purchasing managers.
  • Arranges for the disposal of surplus goods.


Purchasing Manager

Average Salary: $53,000*
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  • Directs and coordinates staff in executing all the activities involved in the purchasing function.
  • Receives and grants approval for the purchasing and payment of all goods and services.
  • Prepares instructions and procedures regarding systems involved in obtaining good or services.
  • Analyzes changes to market conditions, prices or suppliers in an effort to reduce cost and improve quality.
  • Develops and implements work practices, sequence of operations and office arrangement to maximize operational efficiencies.


Senior Buyer

Salary Range: $62,299 - $80,144**
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  • Determines method of procurement such as direct purchase or bid.
  • Coordinates the activities of others buyers.
  • Reviews bid proposals and negotiates contracts within budgetary limits and scope of authority.
  • Address defective or unacceptable goods with suppliers and arranges for corrective action.
  • Approves invoices for payment.


Planner/Inventory Control Analyst

Salary Range: $32,957 to $43,870**
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  • Conducts analysis, prepares reports, makes recommendations on inventory levels and trends.
  • Plans and forecasts inventory requirements based on historical usage.
  • Performs a variety of tasks with limited experience but an aptitude for critical thinking.
  • Consults and contributes to strategic planning committees.
  • Creates and critiques formulas and processes utilized in the calculation of appropriate inventory levels.



Average Salary: $43,500*
Learn more about the skills sets for this position.

  • Coordinates activities involved with procuring goods and services.
  • Interviews and negotiates with suppliers on issues of price, availability and delivery.
  • Reviews bid proposal and contracts in order to make recommendations.
  • Maintains computerized records, schedules.
  • Expedites orders.


Purchasing Clerk

Salary Range: $32,865 to $42,159**
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  • Creates purchases orders for the acquisition of good or services.
  • Researches sources and interviews suppliers.
  • Provides administrative support.
  • Reports to a manager but uses a degree of creativity and latitude in decision making.


*Salary information obtained from 2016 Cross-Industry Compensation Report, Vol. 1, published by the Power Transmission Distributors Association using the average salaries as reported by PTDA members.
**Salary information obtained from www.salary.com, 09.01.2016 using the first and third quartiles as lowest and highest ends of the range.
All salary ranges vary by individual company.