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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

comprised of companies that distribute and manufacture the components that keep your world running smoothly.

Get Involved in Local Career Events

One of the best ways to start building your talent pipeline is to become involved in local career events. This could mean attending career fairs at nearby elementary and high schools where students have an opportunity to stop by your booth and ask questions about what you do.

It could mean making a connection with a local school principal or counselor and offering to make in-class presentations on what your company does. Or, hosting a group of students to come to your location and giving them a tour of your facility. You could open your doors to the public on Manufacturing Day, the first Friday in October every year.

Another way to start getting to know your potential future employees is by getting involved in student groups like FIRST –For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology or SkillsUSA which also has local and state chapters. There is also a SkillsCanada organization.

These organizations offer many ways for you to get involved – from donating parts and equipment to help the group with their project, becoming a sponsor of a team, serving as a judge for competitions and acting as an instructor to assist the students in their efforts.

See a list of FIRST competitions in 2019. NOTE: The list is arranged by Region with states included. If you would like more information on any FIRST activity please contact Steve Philpott who serves on the Nevada FIRST Board of Directors.