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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

the leading association for the power transmission/motion control industrial distribution channel, bringing together distributors and manufacturers.

Get Involved in Local Career Events

One of the best ways to start building your talent pipeline is to become involved in local career events. This could mean attending career fairs at nearby elementary and high schools where students have an opportunity to stop by your booth and ask questions about what you do.

It could mean making a connection with a local school principal or counselor and offering to make in-class presentations on what your company does. Or, hosting a group of students to come to your location and giving them a tour of your facility. You could open your doors to the public on Manufacturing Day, the first Friday in October every year.

Another way to start getting to know your potential future employees is by getting involved in student groups like FIRST –For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology or SkillsUSA which also has local and state chapters. There is also a SkillsCanada organization.

These organizations offer many ways for you to get involved – from donating parts and equipment to help the group with their project, becoming a sponsor of a team, serving as a judge for competitions and acting as an instructor to assist the students in their efforts.

See a list of FIRST competitions in 2019. NOTE: The list is arranged by Region with states included. If you would like more information on any FIRST activity please contact Steve Philpott who serves on the Nevada FIRST Board of Directors.

Career Event Resources

To build a pipeline of future candidates for your future workforce needs, you need to get involved locally and let the younger generation get to know you and your business.

Connect through Career Fairs

PT WORK Force® can help you find a career fair nearby.

Most high schools and many elementary schools hold career fairs on a yearly basis. This is a way for students to learn about various options for careers. In many cases, these events feature career paths that don’t require a four-year college degree. Businesses in the PT/MC field have had great success in participating in career fairs as a way to find promising new hires. If you need help in locating a career fair at a school near you, contact us at foundation@ptda.org.
What to Bring
To attract potential new hires at a career fair, many participating businesses bring a pop-up banner decorated with their company name/logo and some pictures of their employees and/or products. If you have product that moves, you might want to build a demonstration of some type to engage your audience with an interactive display.

Small giveaway item (pens, notepads, magnets, etc.) imprinted with your company name and website help those you meet remember you. Having a candy dish at your booth with good candy (chocolate, Starburst, Dum-dums are just some that people seem to prefer) will get people to stop so you can talk with them about your business and the career opportunities it has.  

Download the PT WORK Force® D.I.Y. Guide: "Career Fair Participation"
Access the webinar: "Volunteer for a Local Career Fair: It's Easy, Fun and Rewarding"

Connect through Classroom Presentations

PT WORK Force® can help you find a local school.

Classroom presenters are sought by instructors who want to show their students possible career opportunities. This gives local business like PT/MC employers an excellent opportunity to talk about our industry to potential future employees. Some states and school districts require career education even in elementary school. If you need assistance making a connection with a school locally, PT WORK Force® will help you find an opportunity to present to a classroom near you. Contact us at foundation@ptda.org.

Download the PT Work Force® D.I.Y. Guide: "Giving a Classroom Presentation"
Access the webinar: "The Do's & Don'ts of Classroom Presentations"

“I hadn’t done a presentation for high school students before, so I accessed the PT WORK Force Do’s & Don’ts of Classroom Presentations Webinar. The faculty were grateful that I was willing to share my expertise so the students now know about the industry and can consider it when choosing a career.”

Brian Short, Regal Power Transmission Solutions

Connect through Company Tours

PT WORK Force® can help you with ideas, resources and advice.

Company tours are sought by instructors who want to show their students possible career opportunities. What’s more fun than having time off from the classroom to learn something new? This provides PT/MC employers with an excellent opportunity to capture the students’ attention and explain what they do and what career opportunities are available. 

Having a tour that brings in young people can also help you make connections with interested students to build your talent pipeline. Tours give students a hands-on experience of what happens in a PT/MC distributor or manufacturer. If you need assistance making a connection with a school locally to offer a company tour, PT WORK Force® will help. If schools in your area are not able (there are rules and finances needed to do this) another option is to open your establishment to a community tour. Contact us at foundation@ptda.org.

Download the PT WORK Force® D.I.Y. Guide: "Giving a Company Tour"
Access the webinar: "Impress Your Future Workforce with a Company Tour"
Resources for Educators and Parents
Teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, parents and others that young people look up to influence their career decisions.  Help these “influencers” learn more about PT/MC and the awesome opportunities it has available for those who like to solve problems, help people, are good at math and have a technical aptitude.

Encourage educators who know someone with an interest in technology who likes solving problems, to tell them about the PT/MC field and how they can use their skills in this arena.

Parents want to make sure children are able to stand on their own two feet when the time comes and make a good living for themselves and their family. PT/MC distribution offers a range of immediate career opportunities for smart, self-motivated individuals. PT/MC professionals are an essential part of the supply chain that keeps our national economy moving.

Parent or teacher, here are ten reasons your student or child should investigate the field of PT/MC distribution as a career choice:
  1. Every day is different. There are unique customers and opportunities for problem solving that occur daily
  2. You don’t need a college degree for many entry level positions
  3. Opportunities for advancement
  4. Companies vary in size from a single location to multi-location organizations, some of which are international in scope
  5. Distributors are in every US state and Canadian province
  6. Learn on the job and by doing – much of the job is product knowledge and application
  7. Most employers offer a combination of traditional work hours and flexibility
  8. The job will teach you how things work
  9. The industry is collaborative and allows you to work with a variety of people
  10. Most employers offer good pay and benefits

PT WORK Force® is here to help you with ideas, resources and advice. Contact foundation@ptda.org or call +1.312.516.2100.

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