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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 370 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $16 billion in product sales.

Offer an Internship

PT WORK Force can help you with ideas, resources and advice.

The PT WORK℠ Force D.I.Y. Guide: "Establishing Your Company's Internship Program" was created to help companies working in power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distribution connect with students in ways that build relationships, educate young people and introduce the field of PT/MC distribution to the younger generation.

What's inside?

  • Internship program defined
  • Benefits of an internship program highlighted
  • Program starting steps identified
  • Preparedness audit provided

Download: PT WORK℠ Force D.I.Y. Guide: "Establishing Your Company's Internship Program"

More Resources:

A strategic relationship between a distributor and a college can yield inumerable benefits, and nowhere is that more evident than with an internship program." Read more on this topic in this MDM article.

Already have an internship program? List your internship opportunity for free on the "Find-an-Internship" directory where students can find you. Learn more.

Want to be more proactive in finding a potential intern? Use the "Find-an-Intern" directory to research school programs and school staff who work with students.

PT WORK Force is here to help you. Contact foundation@ptda.org or call +1.312.516.2100.