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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 370 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $16 billion in product sales.


PT WORK Force (where WORK stands for Workforce Outreach Research and Knowledge) is a newly created initiative by the PTDA Foundation designed to help you find, hire and retain good qualified employees.

To achieve the goal of being a key partner in enabling PT/MC companies to recruit new employees and attain a sufficient, vibrant workforce, we established three program committees to divide the work.

PTDA Foundation Program Committees

PT Work Force Education, Research & Knowledge
PT/MC employers will be better educated and more knowledgeable about hiring trends and practices because of the research and communcations developed, curated or distributed by the PTDA Foundation.

PT Work Force Outreach
PT/MC employers will be empowered and supported in building a pipeline of candidates for future openings.

PT Work Force Recruitment and Retention Tools
PT/MC employers will be empowered and supported in recruiting for current open positions and retaining new hires.

Stay tuned as the PT WORK Force committees develop new programs and services and release them for your use. We'll be posting these to the website as we complete them and letting you know about them through PTDA and PTDA Foundation publications.

If you have an idea you think would help you and others in the PT/MC sector with your workforce issues, let us know by emailing foundation@ptda.org. And, if we send you a questionnaire or survey or call you on the phone, take the time to respond. We can only build programs for you with your input.