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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 370 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $16 billion in product sales.

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Cross-Industry Compensation Survey Report

2016 Cross-Industry Compensation Survey Report

One of the major challenges facing business owners is providing a fair and adequate compensation and benefits package for employees. If the package is insufficient, the company cannot attract and keep qualified personnel. If the package is too generous, profit tends to suffer.

In trying to establish a sound compensation system, managers are continually looking for benchmarks: how much other companies are paying for certain positions and what fringe benefit packages are being offered.

Conducted every two years, the Cross-Industry Compensation Survey Report assists distribution business owners by providing a benchmark of the latest information on compensation and benefits available today. Prepared in two volumes the 2016 Cross-Industry Compensation Survey Report analyzes 2015 compensation data submitted by 958 firms for over 6,000 locations based on participation from 28 distribution associations. 


Volume 1 is specifically for and about PTDA firms compared to the distribution industry offering a breakdown by under $10 million and over $10 million.


Volume 2 provides a detailed analysis for the distribution industry as a whole including over 20 sales volumes and over 100 geographic areas.

Types of Information Provided

The reports include two types of data—compensation levels by position and employee benefits.


The compensation data is broken out into three components by position—base salary, bonus and total compensation. The positions covered include:

  • Executives: Includes those with titles such as chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer and the like.

  • Operating employees: Includes such positions as office manager, purchasing agent, warehouse employee and warehouse supervisor.

  • Sales employees: Includes both inside and outside sales reps.

  • Branch managers 

Employee Benefit Programs

This section reviews the benefit programs provided by distributors. Topics of interest include:

  • Health care plans

  • Retirement income plans

  • Paid time off and vacation policies

The Power of a Cross-Industry Survey

Volume 2 aggregates results of the entire sample of 958 distribution firms, which enables an in-depth examination of the data by both geographic area and firm sales size.

Geographic Area

The competition for the majority of employee talent is local. The report includes an analysis for over 100 geographic areas.

Firm Sales Size

The report is categorized into over 20 sales volumes, from under $1 million to over $1 billion. This allows firms to look at the compensation practices of variously sized firms to determine at what point specific benefit programs become affordable.

The availability of such a large sample size broken out into so many specific sub-categories provides managers with an enormous amount of data for decision making. For example, firms thinking about opening an additional branch in a new geographic region will have precise payroll information at hand for the target geographic area.

Likewise, firms of any given sales size will have an idea of the extent to which specific fringe benefits are provided by similarly sized firms. They will also have information on what sales volume level must be attained before certain fringe benefits become realistic additions to the company’s compensation package.

Visit the PTDA store to purchase your copy of the Cross-Industry Compensation  Survey Report or download a sample page.