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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

comprised of companies that distribute and manufacture the components that keep your world running smoothly.



Through the collaboration of its members, PTDA has developed an entire library of resources to assist companies and executives in the power transmission/motion control industry in meeting marketplace demands competitively and profitably. Many of these leading-edge business tools were conceptualized, developed and created by volunteers from PTDA member companies serving on committees and task forces, experts in their field who worked collectively to produce these materials for the benefit of the industry. 

Click on the navigation links to find resources to help you:

  • Strengthen relationships with business partners and customers

  • Improve net profitability by targeting internal costs

  • Make the most of market and business trends

  • Maximize sales management effectiveness

  • Take costs out of the channel

  • Enhance employee recruitment and retention 

Solutions to your most vexing challenges exist within PTDA's product offerings and PTDA Member Advantage resources. Check out the solutions that work for you:


Help Shape the Future of PTDA! 
The New Ideas Task Force of the Research & Innovation Committee is always looking for new ideas or concepts to inspire new resources to keep PTDA membership as vital and valuable as possible. We want to hear from you! Beyond the annual Industry Summit, we want your suggestions! From new project work and electronic data to relationship building and industry direction, your submission will be thoughtfully reviewed and considered by the New Ideas Task Force. Use the web form below to submit your ideas!