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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 300 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $20 billion in product sales.

Membership | Who Our Members Are

Who Our Members Are

PTDA’s members are the companies that distribute and manufacture industrial power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) components that keep the world running smoothly.

PTDA’s membership comprises the industry’s leading PT/MC companies, whose top executives participate in PTDA’s Industry Summit and meetings and serve in volunteer roles. PTDA represents PT/MC distribution firms that generate more than $20 billion in sales and span more than 2,700 locations. PTDA members also include manufacturers that supply the PT/MC industry. 

PTDA members include:

  • Independent, regional and national distributors serving as single-source providers of products and value-added services
  • Niche and broadline manufacturers of PT/MC products committed to selling through distribution
  • Service providers that provide critical support, such as software, consulting and training, to PT/MC distributors and manufacturers
  • Educational institutions offering courses in industrial distribution, power transmission, mechanical engineering or industrial maintenance

The information and charts below provide a breakdown of the PTDA membership demographics.

Members by Type and Location

PTDA’s membership includes 131 distributors, 151 manufacturers and 14 associate firms. The United States is home to 76% of our distributor members with 18% from Canada and the balance located in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, New Zealand, the Phillippines an Brazil.  and New Zealand.


Employees & Branches

Distributor members employed a total of 39,211 individuals at over 2,570 locations. Inside sales/customer service staff accounted for 17% of distributors’ total workforce on average, with outside/field salespeople accounting for an additional 11%.

Forty-six percent of distributor members report having one or two branch locations, 29% have three to 10 branches and 25% report having 11 or more branch locations.

Distributor Ownership

PTDA distributor members are predominately privately-held companies with only 5% publicly traded. Of those privately held, 64% are family-owned businesses. Thirteen percent of distributor members are minority/women owned businesses.

Product Category Representation

PTDA manufacturer membership includes niche and broadline manufacturers representing fourteen power transmission/motion control product categories. After PT accessories, the largest major category represented is conveyors & material handling components followed by bearings.

Accessories 41%
Conveyors & Material Handling 42%
Bearings 37%
Belt & Chain Drives 33%
Shaft Couplings & U-Joints 29%
Gearing 26%
Adjustable Speed Drives 22%
Linear Motion Components 23%
Motor/Motion Control 18%
Clutches & Brakes 14%
Hydraulics & Pneumatics 10%
Motors 0%
Industrial Specialty Chemicals 7%
Pumps 2%

Member Annual PT/MC Sales

Just over half of PTDA’s distributor members have annual PT/MC sales of less than $6 million, with 44% under $4 million and 17% under $2 million. Thirteen percent of distributor members report sales of  $50 million and up.  On average, distributors report 64% of their sales are from MRO compared to 34% from OEM. Seventy-eight percent of manufacturer members have annual PT/MC sales of less than $50 million, 47% of which are under $10 million in sales.

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