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The PTDA Foundation is...

the charitable arm of PTDA championing education, outreach and PT WORK Force® initiatives relevant to the power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) industry.

PXT Select™ Assessment Tool

With the right people working in the right roles and developed to their full potential, your organization can build and engage a high-performing workforce that drives results.
The PTDA Foundation has a sanctioned program with Profiles International, a subsidiary of Wiley, to help PT/MC companies hire the best fit people from the start. As a comprehensive, “full person” assessment, the PXT Select™ assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in an organization by assessing their Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits, and Interests. The job-matching feature of the PXT Select™ assessment enables organizations to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to perform a job successfully.
Read more about the benefits of using the PXT Select™ assessment.
PXT Select™ Helps You:
  • Establish an efficient hiring and selection process
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Improve employee satisfaction, performance, and retention
  • Assist managers with employee coaching and onboarding
  • Identify talent gaps and focus on leveraging employee strengths
Profiles is pleased to offer its PXT Select™ assessment tool to PT/MC companies at the discounted rate of $130 per assessment (a $295 value). Purchasers have their choice of the PXT Select™ Cognitive assessment or PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive assessment, the latter of which shortens the time in the selection process.
Assessments can be purchased at the discounted rate by contacting Profiles International:

Lisa Hagy
PXT Select™ Client Services

T: +1.254.399.5734 direct
T: +1.254.424.6125 mobile
Be sure to mention the PTDA Foundation special rate of $130.

“We have used the PXT Select™ assessment tool for many years as a way to better understand the cognitive and behavioral traits of our employment candidates. It has enabled us to make better hires and ensure that new employees fit our culture and can successfully perform the requirements of their job position.”
- John Masek, Bearing Service Inc.