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The PTDA Foundation is...

the charitable arm of PTDA championing education, outreach and PT WORK Force® initiatives relevant to the power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) industry.

What Is Power Transmission/Motion Control Distribution?

Industrial distribution is a multi-faceted field, with career opportunities in all disciplines—from sales and operations to marketing, IT and business management. Power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distribution is a subset of industrial distribution. PT/MC distributors and manufacturers supply industry, manufacturers and government with the products, parts, services and solutions needed for a modern society to function efficiently and safely.

PT/MC distributors wear many hats and operate as the sales and marketing arm for manufacturers of industrial products like bearings, conveyor belts, fasteners, power transmissions, electrical products, fittings, chain and gearing to name a few.

PT/MC distributors sell to other businesses. You’ll find a PT/MC distributor out in an oil field working with the energy company on a solution to prevent drill clogs one day and inside a domed stadium consulting with the building architects about what type of equipment is needed to most efficiently open and close the stadium roof the next day.

For those who would rather not be out and about all day, there are plenty of internal positions open at PT/MC distributor employers such as customer service and marketing or warehouse management.

PT/MC distributors are problem solvers. They work to find the best solution for their customers’ problems in a quick and efficient manner.

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