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The PTDA Foundation is...

the charitable arm of PTDA championing education, outreach and PT WORK Force® initiatives relevant to the power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) industry.

PTDA Foundation | PT WORK Force® | Recruitment Resources | Define the PT/MC Industry to Potential Candidates

Define the PT/MC Industry to Potential Candidates

Despite the importance of the power transmission/motion control industry, it remains hidden from those who could be working for your company. The products you make and sell and the services you provide are essential for nearly every process, every production line and every manufacturing facility. You supply industry, manufacturers, institutions and government with the products, parts, services and solutions needed for a modern society to function efficiently and safely.

We understand the challenges you have in getting those outside our industry to understand what it is that you do. PT WORK Force created several tools to assist you in telling your story and describing the incredibly rewarding opportunities within the PT/MC industry. Use the links below to inspire curiosity in potential candidates about the power transmission/motion control industry.

Help Me Explain What I Do
What is Power Transmission/Motion Control?
Is Power Transmission/Motion Control the Right Field for Me?