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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

comprised of companies that distribute and manufacture the components that keep your world running smoothly.

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Webinar Archive

PTDA keeps you abreast of changes, trends and new developments in the industry and helps you build the essential skills of your team through seminars, webinars and programs that cover topics of interest to distributors and manufacturers in the power transmission/motion control industry.

Market Trends

Market Forecast (June 22, 2020)

To assist members in interpreting and understanding the PTDA Market Forecast Report data, PTDA provides two webinars annually as a PTDA Member Advantage at no charge. The PTDA Market Forecast webinar is facilitated by the Institute for Trend Research to help you apply the market trend data in your business planning. 

Download the presentation (7.8 MB PDF)
Download the webinar video  (102 MB MP4)

Guidance in an Uncertain Economy (May 4, 2020)

Connor Lokar, our expert from ITR Economics, focuses on the PT/MC industry as well as your customers' industries to make sense of where the economy has been and where it's headed so you can position your business for what's to come. This webinar presents the most current data (as of May 4) on how factors such as COVID-19 and oil price volatility will impact the economy moving forward and what you should do in response.

Download the presentation (6.1 MB PDF)
Download the webinar video (70 MB WMV)

Historical Market Forecast


Download the December 9 presentation (4.1 MB PDF)
Download the December 9 webinar video (44 MB WMV)

Download the June 14 presentation  (4.8 MB)
Download the June 14 webinar video  (43 MB)

Download the December 7 presentation  (4.8MB)
Download the December 7 webinar video (82 MB)

Download the June 11 presentation  (4.8 MB)
Download the June 11 webinar video  (79 MB MP4)


Download the December 8 presentation (4.1 MB)
Download the December 8 webinar video (15.2 MB WMV) (Note: Unfortunately due to technical issues only the last 20 minutes of the presentation were recorded.)

Download the June 5 presentation (6.1 MB PDF)               
Download the June 5 webinar video (37 MB WMV)


Reduce Your Customer's Operating Costs to Increase Your Sales (May 29, 2020)

This webinar focuses on showing you how to demonstrate the total cost savings your solutions provide your customers. Developing this skill set can help you to penetrate new and existing accounts, retain key accounts more effectively and combat margin erosion. 

Download the presentation (72 MB)
Download the webinar video (704 KB)

Everyone in the Company Sells! Maximizing every precious interaction (March 20, 2020)

Many support professionals have some contact or perhaps regular contact with customers (internal and external). These key individuals have a unique relationship of trust and credibility, which allows them to be ideally suited to recommend additional sales, discover leads and acquire critical customer information.This practical session will help everyone understand the selling process and give your organization a “sales perspective” as each performs their primary duties. Gather everyone for this webinar and initiate a culture change to begin developing a powerful, effective team of support professionals. Become a Sales Professional Organization!

Download the presentation (6.2 MB PDF)
Download the webinar video
(124 MB MP4)


Sharpen Your Sales Negotiation Skills to Create a Collaborative Win  (November 2, 2018)
Most think of negotiations as winning with the other party conceding. However, true successful negotiations creates a collaborative environment that helps both short term and long term profitability (e.g., growing the “pie” versus sharing the pie). This interactive webinar will focus on negotiations specifically between a distributor sales representative and customer. Within this narrow focus, the presentation will include both project bidding and the flow or in-to-stock business. Focusing on negotiation skills versus theory, this webinar will share tactics and ideas on how to negotiate in a way that both parties walk away feeling positive and wanting to work together again in the future.
Download the presentation 
 (668 KB)
Download the webinar video  (54MB MP4)

Strategic Architecture: What it is and How it Can Propel Your Sales Skyward (April 27, 2018)

Determine your winning strategic architecture, and how to carry that framework into building buyer profiles, understanding buyer motivation, and the creation of opportunity filters, that will help you be more judicious about where and how you spend your sales and marketing dollars and time.
Learning Outcomes

  • Working framework, building understanding about and drafting your strategic architecture
  • Building a deeper understanding of how to profile buying systems and their motivation to buy
  • How to develop opportunity filters that will help you understand the quality of your sales funnel and improve forecasting
Download the presentation  (1.2MB)
Download the webinar video (40 MB WMV)

High Value Target Account Selection (January 12, 2018)
This webinar is about maximizing the return on your sales time investment by identifying and pursuing the right business. Learn about the power of discernment, how to identify High-value Target (HVT) accounts and how to develop an HVT profile. 
Download the presentation (3.4 MB)
Download the webinar video (40 MB WMV)
Download the handout (327 kB)


SELL Defense - Your Defense To Prepare For Objections, Complaints and Negotiation Ploys (October 13, 2017)

Objections will come. Sales Professionals must be trained and ready to deal with them effectively. You need SELL Defense! Complaints are inevitable. While mistakes happen – it’s how your sales team interacts with the customer that makes the difference. Negative customer experiences handled correctly by your team can actually solidify customer loyalty. Negotiation ploys such as requesting discounts and concessions will rear their ugly heads to anyone in your company who interacts with the customer.  In order to protect margins and communicate your value daily, it is imperative to respond effectively to negative interactions.  In this webinar you will understand the dynamics surrounding these common types of oppositions and then learn a proven methodology to effectively respond using the “SELL defense”.  Utilize the SELL worksheet tool to help develop skillful responses to the common objections you face.

Download the presentation (5.8MB)
Download the webinar video (32 MB WMV)
Download the Sell DEFENSE planning worksheet (129 KB)

The SELL Process - Your Offense for Pre-Call Planning (August 18, 2017)

Learn how to equip yourself or your sales team with a powerful pre-call planning process to improve sales success. Discover how to standardize your pre-call planning and customer interaction process so your team is always prepared, focused and efficient in executing consultative customer interactions. 

Download the presentation (4.1 MB)
Download the webinar video (36 MB WMV)
Download the Pre-call planning worksheet (128 KB)

VITAL Planning REGIMENS for Sales Professionals (April 10, 2017)

Six planning disciplines that will assure success for sales professionals!

In this very practical webinar, you will equip yourself with the direction and proven tools essential for accomplishing these six vital planning disciplines. These activities are time management investments that assure short and long-term sales success. Download the worksheet and develop your own detailed prescription for each regimen including details of specific actions and intervals (per day, week, etc). As a sales professional, individually defining, owning and executing these regimens will perpetuate long-term success and results in your selling.

Download the presentation (3.2 MB PDF)
Download the webinar video 
(100 MB MP4)
Tool 1.1a Regimens Personal Worksheet 
Tool 1.1a Regimens Instructions 
Tool 3.1E Account Strategic Planning Tool Template 

How to Structure a Winning Sales Organization (February 10, 2017)

This webinar will help sales leaders establish structure in their sales team and help sales professionals take ownership of their territory responsibilities. Join Don Buttrey, president of Sales Professional Training Inc., as he shares the structure, tools and disciplines required to win in today's economy. 

Download the presentation (3.6 MB PDF)    
Download the webinar video (50 MB WMV)   
Tool 1.1 Personal Disciplines Check List ​
Tool 3.1E Account Strategic Planning Tool Template (Excel)
Tool 4.1 Sell Pre Call Planning Offense Tool (Word)
Tool 4.6 Sell Objections Response Tool  (Word)


What's Your Competitive Edge? The Answer Lies in Your Sales Process (June 17, 2016)

Most companies’ competitive edge is not what they think it is. In fact, in most cases it's the same as your competitors’. This high-energy presentation will challenge executives, sales managers, branch managers, and salespeople to get out of your comfort zones about how to approach the sales process. Real sales-focused discussions and exercises will concentrate on how to implement winning processes in the "front end" of your sales cycle , a key area of competitive edge tha tmany companies tend to neglect. This webinar will answer:

  • What are the internal areas my team can focus on to give us a competitive edge?

  • Where are the gaps in my company’s sales processes?

  • Which sales KPIs should I focus on for growth?

This webinar was designed for distribution and manufacturing executives tasked with improving sales process ROI and topline results, those with sales and market management responsibility, and salespeople who want to expand their skillsets to include deeper best practices in sales and sales management.

Brian Gardner, founder of SalesProcess360, a strategy, coaching, and speaking company focused on helping industrial sales companies gain a competitive edge. Gardner has spent more than 25 years in sales and sales management in the industrial market. He has developed a series of sales process tools to encourage distributors, reps and manufacturers to think more critically about the sales process.

Download the presentation (6.6 MB PDF)
Download the webinar video (40 MB WMV)

Transforming Industrial Distribution Sales Teams to Thrive in a New Economy (April 29, 2016)

Industrial Distribution Sales organizations must transform themselves to expand their level of value provided if they are to maintain and grow their role as a part of the customers' supply alternatives. Industry research documents that buyer expecations are increasing and the necessity for delivering signifcant and meaningful contributions to the customers' buisness results is a priority.This webinar, presented by Dan Weinfurter, CEO of GrowthPlay, will present findings and insights into the impact of these changes and the potential of these influences to drive modifications throughout the supply channels served by distributors. 

Download the presentation (1.2 MB PDF)
Download the research summary (1.0 MB PDF)
Download the recording (25 MB WMV)

Motivate Your Sales Team to Make Things Happen! (January  29, 2016)

Some distributor sales teams hope things will happen while the best sales teams make things happen. In this fast paced webinar Gary Moore will draw on his 40 years of distributor experience to present distributor strategies to create a “make things happen” sales team environment. The following strategies will be discussed:

  • conducting  individual sales planning interviews (including a template for these plans);

  • adopting a company wide sales process model;

  • creating sales proposals that sell, not just quote;

  • introducing a Sales Excellence Recognition Structure;

  • conducting “customer events” to put customers and salespeople together in positive sales environments;

  • adopting a Customer Service Strategy

Mr. Moore will then dive deeper into specific tactics that apply to either “slow times” or “hesitant customers." 
Download the presentation (2.3 MB PDF)
Download the webinar video (32 MB WMV)
Annual Sales Person Planner handout


Counterfeit Bearings: What You Need to Know (June 5, 2015)

Counterfeit bearings have been deemed the single most important issue facing the global bearing industry. They pose a danger to operations, finances and human lives. Additionally, a faulty, counterfeit bearing may have legal consequences for you as a buyer and/or distributor. Attend this webinar to understand what you need to know about counterfeit bearings and protect your business.

As a result of participating in this webinar, you will:

  • Comprehend just how extensive the counterfeit network really is and the impact it has on the supply chain.

  • Be able to differentiate between some of the characteristics of genuine, trademarked bearings versus counterfeit bearings.

  • Understand why using authorized distributors is important.

This webinar is presented by Antun Peakovic, Associate General Counsel, IP from Schaeffler Group USA Inc. and Chair of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association’s (ABMA) Anti-Counterfeiting Committee and Theresa Orr, Assistant General Counsel from NSK Americas, Inc. and member of the ABMA.  
Download the presentation (2.7 MB PPT)
Download the webinar video (75 MB WMV)

Platinum Negotiations Techniques (November 7, 2014)

Do you know when to persuade and when to negotiate? Learn the most effective techniques of negotiations. Presented by Tim Paulsen, the author of Negotiations Biggest Losers and Platinum Negotiations, this one hour webinar addresses such topics as

  • What negotiation is and isn't
  • Persuade or negotiate?
  • Key areas of platinum negotiation techniques – e.g. golden rule?
  • The negotiation 80/20 guideline
  • Free lessons from the best negotiators in the world
  • The negotiator’s checklist
  • Negotiation Jujitsu – how to disarm your opponent
  • Learn from negotiation’s biggest losers
  • Win/Win? Not all the time

Download the presentation (PDF)
Download the webinar video (36 MB WMV)


Human Resources/PT WORK Force

Compensation Expectations of Young Workers (November 15, 2019)

The upcoming generation of workers, millennials and Gen Z's, come into the workplace with different expectations than previous generations. This webinar, brought to you by PT WORK Force®, covered how to compensate generations that are burdened with debt and strategies for updating commission models. 

Download the presentation  (1.1 MB)
Download the webinar video  (29 MB WMV)

Managing Multiple Generations (September 13, 2019)

It can be a struggle to appeal to all generations of employees at once. This webinar examines the key characteristics of the five generations in the workforce while teaching actionable strategies to improve management of millennials and develop tactics to better communicate and engage all workers.

Download the presentation (1.65 MB)
Download the webinar video 
(51.8 MB WMV)
Download recommended resources 
(1.2 MB)

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Improving Job Relations (August 9, 2019)
The ability to effectively resolve conflict in the workplace is a crucial skill for supervisors. This webinar focused on how to build positive employee relations, increase cooperation and effectively resolve conflicts using a problem solving method that applies to all issues.
Download the presentation  (1.3 MB)
Download the webinar video  (40 MB)

Employee Engagement from A to Z (June 21, 2019)

Engaged employees are invested in their job which results in higher productivity, sales and retention. This webinar, brought to you by PT WORK Force® also examines the top reason employees are not engaged and what you can do to overcome this. For more retention resources, visit PTDAWORKForce.org

Download the presentation  (2 MB)
Download the webinar video 
(184 MB WMV)

Hiring the Right  Sales People (March 1, 2019)
This webinar examines what makes a distribution sales rep different from other versions of field sales and the defined set of skills and habits that are critical to success. Learn how to recruit long-term winners with real talent. The focus will be on the how-to skills of recruiting for this specialized role, keeping in mind the best candidate may not be who you think it is. For more recruitment resources, visit PTDAWORKForce.org

Download the presentation  (859 kB)
Download the webinar video 
 (29 MB WMV)
Note: there were some technical issues in the first 5-10 minutes of the webinar but is then resolved.


Effective B2B Social Media Marketing for PT/MC Distributors
This webinar digs into the core questions PT/MC distributors face when considering a social media strategy. What are the benefits? Where and how should you invest? When and how does social media drive sales? This webinar will provide the answers as well as best practices and actionable tips.
Download the presentation 
 (1.4 MB)
Download the webinar video 
 (37 MB WMV)

Nine Ways to Improve Your B2B Online Marketing (February 8, 2019)
This webinar will look at 9 ways you can supercharge your online marketing efforts - often utilizing your existing budget and resources. Through practical examples and real-world best practices, participants will come away equipped to start having an impact today.
Download the presentation 
(790 kB)
Download the webinar video 
(26 MB WMV)


How E-Commerce is Changing Industrial Channels in a Click-to-Buy World (April 10, 2015)

Learn about the fast-changing world of e-commerce in industrial distribution markets. Long-time distribution industry analyst Lindsay Konzak will look at how the largest companies have integrated e-commerce into their sales and marketing strategies. She’ll present stats on how the industry as a whole has shifted, and provide insight on how distributors are building business models to adapt to changes in how customers want to buy. Lindsay’s knowledge of the impact of e-commerce on the industry draws from her nearly nine years as Editor of Modern Distribution Management, where she provided in-depth analysis of trends affecting distributors across sectors. She is now President of 3 Aspens Media (3aspensmedia.com), which partners with businesses to develop marketing and research-driven content in line with their growth strategies. She has a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business.

Download the presentation (2.7 MB PDF)
Download the webinar video (44 MB WMV)

Operations/Executive Management

Improve Productivity with Effective Warehouse Management (January 18, 2019)
Attend this webinar to learn how efficient and effective warehouse operations are a key element to success and profitability. In this one hour webinar, we will explore how a few simple practices will help you ensure that the on-hand quantities of stocked products are consistently accurate and that you efficiently store items in order to minimize the cost of filling orders.
Download the presentation 
 (3.1 MB)
Download the webinar video
 (27MB WMV)

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing: The Business Solution (April 8, 2016)

Additive manufacturing/3D printing may be doing more to disrupt headlines than business models…or so you may initially think. This session is for an audience who is curious to know what the reality of the AM / 3DP landscape is currently and how (or if) the power transmission distribution industry should acknowledge, include or ignore this trend in their future strategic planning. Presented by Tim Shinbara, Vice President - Manufacturing Technology for AMT. Tim is responsible for activities related to research and development, standards, and review of manufacturing technology needs

Download the presentation (5.0 MB PDF)
Download the webinar recording (89.5 MB WMV)

Beyond the High Cost of Turnover (February 26, 2016)

Presenter Bruce Sevy, Managing Director of GrowthPlay, an integrated sales effectiveness service provider that helps organizations drive profitable revenue growth, believes that while additing up costs sassociated with turnover is interesting, it misses the important point. Contrary to conventional wisdom, not all turnover carries a high cost. In fact, unthinking efforts to reduce turnover may actually be adding rather than reducing costs and weakening rather than enhancing organizational performance. Turnover is like cholesterol. There are two types: bad turnover and good turnover. And just like cholesterol, while your organization’s total turnover number is important, it doesn’t tell the whole story. The key to real organizational health lies in managing the ratio of good to bad turnover.

Download the presentation (3.1 MB PDF)


Family Business Succession: How to Navigate the Transitional Maze (May 8, 2015)

Who’s going to take over your business when you or your current generation retires? This is the underlying question every family business must face. Succession planning is a critical component to doing business if you want to remain competitive in an ever-changing world as well as ensure the health and future of your company. Family businesses in particular face a unique set of challenges when planning for succession. Join Deb Houden,Ph.D., a consultant with the Family Business Consulting Group, Inc., as she discusses the importance of succession planning, ideas on how to overcome challenges unique to family businesses and key steps  to begin developing your succession plan today.Whether you have a succession plan you are unhappy with or you don’t have one at all, this webinar is for you.  
Download the presentation (533 KB PDF)

Top 10 Most Common Mistakes Made During a Crisis ( January 29, 2015)

Disaster events can range from the devastating (hurricane) to the tedious (a burst water pipe). But both events have the equal ability to negatively impact your business and even put you out of business. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? Perhaps you’ve delayed putting together your plan because you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Mark Norton, Director of Continuity Planning of Agility Recovery, a former division of General Electric, will share with you  key lessons learned from literally hundreds of disaster events, both large and small, and point out the most common mistakes and how to prevent them.  Drawing upon hundreds of recoveries over the past few years, this presentation will address  the decisions made, the plans not followed, and the panic-induced mistakes, providing tips to help you avoid those and lead your organization through a crisis.

Download the presentation (PDF) 

Download the webinar video (31MB WMV)