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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 300 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $20 billion in product sales.

Next Gen Community

The Next Gen community provides a forum for building industry relationships with individuals aged 40 or under who work for a PTDA member company and are interested in learning and sharing knowledge with other Next Gen in the industry. From networking to leadership development, the community encourages an exchange of ideas with peers on the challenges of everyday business both formally and socially. 

If you work for a PTDA member company, you can take advantage of these benefits at no extra cost to your company. Create your own user name and password here and check the Next Gen (Age 40 or under) checkbox. Already have a user name and password? Edit your profile to check the Next Gen box.

Next Gen Community Conversations

Open to all, the Next Gen community holds calls for open discussion about succeeding as a younger member of the power transmission/motion control industry. Topics are selected by a task force of dedicated volunteers. Click on the links below to register for an upcoming call.

Sponsorships are available for all Women in the Industry Community Conversations. Learn more.

Next Gen Webinar Series: Awkward Networking (co-sponsored with the Women in the Industry Community)

August 10
7 Secrets of the Awkward Networker

How ‘bout that awkward moment when…

  • You extend a handshake, but the person gives you the fist bump. So you switch to the fist bump while the person switches to the handshake.
  • You extend a handshake, but the person came in for a hug. Now you’re not sure what you’re shaking, but you feel extremely awkward.
  • You arrive to an event with your significant other ready to #powercouple but 20 minutes later you succumb to small bickering quarrel in the middle of the ballroom.

We’ve all been there. ​Accomplished national speaker, trainer, and creator of the Awkward Networker, Sean Hand led this highly engaging, entertaining, and insightful presentation, during which attendees learned Sean's 7 secrets to being the best networker in any room.
Webinar recording 
Read the recap 


November 16 
Build & Sell Your Brand

In this highly engaging workshop, audiences learned to develop each of the 5 Brands in their Brand Portfolio, led by Sean Hand, accomplished national speaker, trainer, and creator of the Awkward Networker. In Sean's extensive experience meeting and influencing thousands of new people, he's perfected the 5 different brands in his brand portfolio and in this interactive workshop he revealed the science and art behind each of them. 

Webinar recording 
Read the recap 

Registration Details for Community Conversations

Once registered, you will receive an order receipt immediately and a confirmation email within 24-48 hours. About one week before the Community Conversation, you’ll receive an email with a link to Microsoft Teams for the event. You do NOT need a Teams subscription to participate. If you don’t receive the email with the link or if you have any questions about your registration, please contact us at ptda@ptda.org or 312.516.2100.


Sponsorships are available for all Next Gen calls. Learn more.

Conversation Archives

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Gaining Technical and Industry Knowledge

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Tools & Tips for Improving Productivity and Increasing Efficiencies

Educational & Networking Events

Industry Summit Events for Next Gen Members

The PTDA Industry Summit typically features a session or workshop especially geared for those ages 40 and under. The Industry Summit also features a Next Gen After Party that gives young executives the chance to build and enhance their professional and personal connections.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a perfect way for Next Gen members to network and develop leadership skills while working with other PT/MC leaders to advance this distribution channel. PTDA has opportunities for Next Gen members to get involved on task forces and committees. More than 125 individuals volunteer in some capacity each year.

Get involved in a PTDA committee or task force by downloading and returning the committee interest form or contacting PTDA at ptda@ptda.org or +1.312.516.2100.

Social Media Tools

Join the PTDA LinkedIn Group or follow PTDA on Twitter @PTDAorg.

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