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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

the leading association for the power transmission/motion control industrial distribution channel, bringing together distributors and manufacturers.

Events | Canadian Conference | Education Sessions

Canadian Conference

June 6-8
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Toronto Downtown
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


This year’s conference kicks-off with two unique sessions taking place simultaneously–one designed for CEOs and senior executive management, the other providing leadership enhancement for all attendees.

Leadership Enhancement Seminar

Wednesday, June 6
3:00-5:00 p.m.


Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Build Rapport, Relationships & Connect

Arnold Sanow
Expert in Improving Customer and Workplace Communication, Engagement, Interactions and Relationships

No matter how well people get along, even with a slight improvement in communication, every day interactions and understanding others can greatly enhance teamwork, productivity, customer relationships and contribute to a positive work environment. Over 90 percent of the problems in companies and organizations today are a result of communication breakdowns such as misunderstandings, misinformation, miscommunication and mistrust. This interactive, engaging, thought producing and content rich  program will provide tips, tools and solutions to improve everyone’s “Get Along” IQ by building rapport, relationships and connections with customers, co-workers, employees and stakeholders.

Arnold Sanow is the author of six books and is a frequent guest in the media on CBS evening news, ABC world morning News, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Time magazine, etc. He has been a national spokesperson for AT&T and is also a former adjunct professor at Georgetown University. Arnold was ranked #14 by his peers in the list of top 30 Global Gurus for communication and is one of the less than 800 certified speaking professionals in the world.

CEO/Senior Executive Roundtable

Sponsored by NTN Bearing Corp. of Canada Ltd. & Tsubaki of Canada Limited

Wednesday, June 6
3:00-5:00 p.m.

Join your peers in an open exchange about manufacturer/distributor communication and gain insight to assist you in managing these issues. Specifically for CEOs and senior executive management, the forum will focus on communication and relationship challenges affecting the future of the power transmission/motion control industry.

Education Sessions

Thursday, June 7
9:00-10:15 a.m.

The Power of Understanding People:

Dave Mitchell
Author and Professional Development Expert

Developing successful relationships is critical to our success in both our personal and professional lives. You’ll discover how to establish and develop extremely effective relationships by learning techniques to better identify and understand the intrinsic needs of others. As a result, you will achieve better team dynamics, increased sales and customer satisfaction, and higher levels of employee engagement and performance. You’ll receive the tools to understand others' unique communication style as well as your own, and get detailed advice on how to adjust to diverse communication styles, develop a unifying language for the organization, and better match motivational techniques to team members. Through storytelling and experiential exercises, Dave helps you gain insight into your own unique interaction style and teaches you how to communicate, motivate, sell, and service more successfully no matter the personality types involved.

Dave Mitchell is the author of two books and was ranked as one of 2015’s Best Speakers of the Year by Meetings & Conventions magazine. His book, The Power of Understanding People, was named Editor’s Choice Best Business Book of the Month by Amazon. He has a M.Ed. in global human resources development and has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois.


Thursday, June 7
10:45 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Train Your Brain: Learning to Use Your Head

Brian Thwaits
Author and Brain Trainer

This provocative and enlightening presentation will give that three-pound organ inside your head an adjustment you’ll never forget. It’s a memorable and entertaining performance that demonstrates how learning to use your brain better will significantly enhance the way you think, learn and communicate. And it will have an immediate and powerful impact on just about everything you do—both personally and professionally!

Brian Thwaits is an author and an award-winning educator showing people how to enhance their thinking, communication, innovation, and change management skills. Brian shares fascinating discoveries from the fields of learning theory and neuroscience to suggest—in fun and delightful ways—creative and practical approaches to a host of issues we face both in the workplace and in our personal lives.

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