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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

more than 370 power transmission/motion control distribution and manufacturing companies, representing over $16 billion in product sales.

About | PTDA Foundation | Industrial Careers Pathway® (ICP)

Industrial Careers Pathway® (ICP)

ICP offers PTDA member companies resources to attract, hire, on-board, train, manage and retain entry-level employees to incredibly rewarding jobs in industrial distribution. The initiative exists to help people
learn that industrial distribution is a career they will want to pursue, but it also exists to help Alliance Partner member companies be better employers by offering a host of valuable resources you cannot find anywhere else.

To access all of ICP's resources, visit the website at IndustrialCareersPathway.org/Hire 

Download the ICP Update presentation for a look at the history of ICP and our current mission.

What is ICP?

While we don't want to recreate the entire ICP website here in this space, you can use this summary to help you better understand the purpose of the ICP initiative and identify the resources you need most from ICP as well as where to find them.


Attract Right-Fit Entry-Level Talent

How can you attract right-fit individuals to your job openings? Visit the ICP Job Board to post your help wanted ads and open positions.The ICP Job Board is the only Job Board on the Internet solely focused on industrial distribution. PTDA member companies receive a discount on job postings.

Before you hire, you might want to offer an internship. Find "right-fit" interns at the newly launched Find-an-Intern directory to put you in touch with technical schools and community colleges who actively seek internships for their students. Don't have an internship program? Use the ICP Intership Guide to see if one would be right for you.

Promote your industry in your local community. It's challenging to hire entry-level employees, but even more challenging when they have no idea what industrial distribution means. Help to change this by promoting in your local community. Use the ICP Media Relations Guide and join the ICP Ambassador Corps for help attending career fairs, hosting company tours and offering classroom talks to attract the perfect job candidates to your openings.

ICP is helping you be visible in your community by including your company locations in the searchable ICP Employer Database which is accessible to job seekers.


OnBoard, Manage and Retain Younger Employees

Research has shown this generation of employees is different than previous generations of employees. The age of the Internet has changed everything when it comes to younger employees. ICP helps you navigate these tricky waters with a repository of articles focused on working with Millennial (aka Generation Y) employees.  Subscribe to the ICP Talent Tipsheet to get the next issues (one per month). You can unsubscribe at any time, and your subscription information is never shared and kept completely confidential.


Educate Your Employees about Industrial Distribution


One of ICP's most in-demand resources is the training course, Elements of Industrial Distribution. Designed specifically for the field of industrial distribution, Elements is available at a discount to PTDA member companies. Learn more about Elements of Industrial Distribution.

Recently Industrial Career Pathway® (ICP) participated in USA Today’s Manufacturing and Skills in America campaign where industry leaders advocated for investment in the “Factory of the Future.” Seventy percent of Americans view manufacturing as the most important industry for a strong economy and national defense. Industrial Distribution makes it possible. The campaign was distributed through USA Today on September 30, 2016, and is published online. To read the article authored by Tribby Warfield, visit: educationandcareernews.com.

There are even more specially-created resources for you at the ICP website. We invite you to explore and share with your company colleagues and others in the industry. Working together, we can make industrial distribution the field of choice for the best and brightest entry-level employees to keep the industry strong.