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Power Transmission Distributors Association is...

the leading association for the power transmission/motion control industrial distribution channel, bringing together distributors and manufacturers.

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 PTDA Business Index

Managed in conjunction with ITR Economics, the PTDA Business Index is the result of a quarterly survey combined with the Sales History & Outlook survey. The PTDA Business Index aggregates PTDA distributor and manufacturer input to provide top-line insight into the history and prevailing trends specific to the power transmission/motion control industry in the following key indicators:

  • Business activity
  • New orders
  • Employment
  • Deliveries
  • Prices
  • Inventory
  • Backlog
  • End-user markets

Why You Should Participate

PTDA member companies which participate in the survey receive the results at no charge (a $395 value for non-member companies/$195 value for member companies).

The PTDA Business Index includes graphics that show the quarterly growth rate and business cycle phase for all distributor and manufacturer trends. You can track your customers markets with indicators on fourteen end-user markets (e.g. industrial machinery, food production, packaging machinery, etc.) to determine where opportunities are rising and where risk is building. The PTDA Business Index now includes macro and micro analysis from ITR Economics with actionable suggestions to help you reduce your risk and drive practical and profitable decisions.


"I use the PTDA Business Index to look at the trends that are being reported and compare them to the trends that I am experiencing locally. I also look very closely at the End Market Trends to see if we are trending in the same direction.  If I see an end user market that is trending up nationally but we’re seeing a downward trend locally, that prompts me to ask questions to drill into the cause of the downward trend.”


– Chris Lents, MSS Manager, Kirby Risk Mechanical Solutions Service

In reviewing data increases or decreases in the various indicators, manufacturers may change your forecast or plans if you saw that distributor inventories are trending up and prices are trending down. As for distributors, how would it affect your sales efforts if you saw manufacturer backlogs are trending up?

How to Participate

Emails from ITR Economics, the survey administrator, are sent to one person at each PTDA member company to gain participation. Learn more about how to participate in the survey.

How to Access the Final Report

The PTDA Business Index report is available for purchase by anyone after the initial release to survey participants.  The most recent report is now available for public purchase.