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Events | Seminars & Webinars | Webinar: Sharpen Your Sales Negotiation Skills to Create a Collaborative Win

Webinar: Sharpen Your Sales Negotiation Skills to Create a Collaborative Win

November 2, 2018
10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Central

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PTDA webinars are available to any employee of a PTDA member company for no additional charge.

Most think of negotiations as winning with the other party conceding. However, true successful negotiations creates a collaborative environment that helps both short term and long term profitability (e.g., growing the “pie” versus sharing the pie). This interactive webinar will focus on negotiations specifically between a distributor sales representative and customer. Within this narrow focus, the presentation will include both project bidding and the flow or in-to-stock business. Focusing on negotiation skills versus theory, this webinar will share tactics and ideas on how to negotiate in a way that both parties walk away feeling positive and wanting to work together again in the future. Presenter Mike Marks will share his sales negotiation expertise and allow plenty of time to answer your specific questions about sales negotiations techniques and provide advice on how to handle specific situations where perhaps you’ve felt “in the corner” with a customer. 

About the Presenter

Mike Marks is the co-founder of Indian River Consulting Group (IRCG). He began his consulting practice after working in distribution management for more than 20 years. Over the years, Mike’s narrow focus in B2B channel-driven market has created an extensive number of deep executive relationships within virtually every business vertical in construction, industrial, OEM, agricultural and healthcare. Prior to forming IRCG, Mike held the position of Executive Vice President at Lex Electronics, an $800 million vertically integrated electronics distributor in Stamford, CT. Mike’s path to management in his early career was through increasing responsibilities in sales and sales management. He also completed a tour of duty as a manufacturer’s representative and serves as permanent faculty at Purdue University’s University of Industrial Distribution, teaching courses in sales negotiations, big data analytics and mergers and acquisitions among others.